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Prolights EclPanel TWC LED Soft Light

Prolights EclPanel TWC LED Soft Light Static Lighting Fixtures
Prolights EclPanel TWC LED Soft Light

Prolights EclPanel TWC, 740W Tunable White and colourful LED soft light with pixels and lighting effects (driven @ 430W).

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EclPanel TWC

EclPanel TWC, is the compact 2x1 LED soft light that provides a beautiful, wide source of soft and precise colours. In addition to this, the PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC comes with a full range of white reproductions, from daylight through to tungsten tones, reaching a superior light quality with high CRI, TLCI and TM-30.
The EclPanel TWC allows for quick and accurate local adjustment of light through 3 rotatory knobs with three fully featured modes: CCT with +/- green shift, HSI for total control of hue, saturation and intensity, FX mode to access the on board pixel cinema effects.
The unit can also be controlled on a per-section basis, allowing for reproduction of onboard customisable effects or to be self-made through the lighting desk. Both methods provide eye-candy, with the appealing and modern front looks and cinematic special effects.
The unit is designed with an onboard driver and built-in power supply and, being lightweight, the EclPanel TWC offers easy rigging and cabling making it the perfect lighting tool for every location.

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