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Prolights EclSoft Tube100Pack LED Soft Light

Prolights EclSoft Tube100Pack LED Soft Light Static Lighting Fixtures
Prolights EclSoft Tube100Pack LED Soft Light

Prolights EclSoft Tube100 Package, 100 cm, battery-powered soft tube for Film & TV, IP65, with an RGB + Warm White LED source, wireless or wired.

The Package includes:
1 x ABS case
1 x 8-way charger (EST100POWER8)
8 x tripods (EST100FY)
16 x eyebolts (EST100EB)
16 x clamps with magnets (EST100OS with ENPTWCMAG)
16 x baby pins (EST100BP)
8 x wingplate (EST100WP)
2 x crossplate (EST100CP)
1 x User Manual

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EclSoft Tube100

The EclSoft Tube100 is a multipurpose, IP65 wireless linear pixel tube designed for Film & TV, indoor and outdoor environments.
The EclSoft Tube100 has a 48W RGB + Warm White LED source with 16 independently-controlled sections. Similar the other fixtures in the soft light range, it has an RGBW mode, RGB, CMY, HSI, XY, RAW Direct, CCT Linear and CCT Presets with +/- green shift, source emulation and industry-standard colour gels.
This fixture has high-quality tunable white with ultra-high CRI, as well as on-board cinema effects and pixel effects. This fixture is also “Spektra™ Calibrated”, sharing the same colour calibration standard as some other luminaires. The EclSoft Tube100 can be used wirelessly with its on-board battery and Wireless DMX control (CRMX + W-DMX).
There is also a wired connection for mains power and an ethernet port for Art-Net or s/ACN.

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