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Prolights EclPanel TWCMini2x1 LED Soft Light

Prolights EclPanel TWCMini2x1 LED Soft Light Static Lighting Fixtures
Prolights EclPanel TWCMini2x1 LED Soft Light

Prolights EclPanel TWCMini2x1, Compact-sized soft light, with wireless control (CRMX and W-DMX) and battery-powered.

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EclPanel TWCMini2x1

The EclPanel TWCMini2x1 is an ultra-compact LED soft light that provides a beautiful, wide source of soft and precise colours. In addition to this, the EclPanel TWCMini2x1 comes with a full range of white presets, from daylight to tungsten tones, and produces a tremendous output whilst keeping high CRI, TLCI and TM-30 values.
The EclPanel TWCMini2x1 has 3 precision rotatory knobs, with multiple stand-alone control modes: CCT with +/- green shift, CCT presets, HSI for total control of hue, saturation and intensity, RAW RGBW mode, XY and FX mode, allowing to scroll through the built-in cinema effects engine.
Each of the 2 sections is controlled individually or simultaneously, allowing to play on-board customizable, cinematic effects through its built-in engine or from a console.
The EclPanel TWCMini2x1 has several colour control modes: RGBW, RGB, CMY, HSI, XY, RAW Direct, CCT Linear and CCT Presets with +/- green shift, source emulation and industry-standard colour gels.
Despite its lightweight, it has an on-board driver, a built-in power supply, Wireless DMX (CRMX+W-DMX), network connectivity (Art-Net, sACN, Kling-Net) and low voltage inputs (24-36V and 48Vdc).

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