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Prolights EclCyclorama 050 LED Linear light

Prolights EclCyclorama 050 LED Linear light Theater Lighting Fixtures
Prolights EclCyclorama 050 LED Linear light

Prolights EclCyclorama 050, 170W linear soft CYC and flood light with RGB+Warm White colour mixing.

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EclCyclorama 050

EclCyclorama 050 is a soft-edge, linear cyclorama and floodlight, designed in a surprisingly low profile form factor to meet applications at both front and end of the stage, offering an unprecedent level of brightness in its category. The fixture is equipped with a custom and calibrated RGB + Warm White LED source, which is capable to deliver a linear and high quality white reproduction of the entire spectrum with high CRI, TLCI and TM30 performances.
The Optical system has been designed to offer a very wide asymetric beam angle, and capable of a superior lumen efficiency, making the EclCyclorama range a very flexible solution, suitable for both application where fixture are connected each other or separated by a considerable distance, without worrying of dark-edge or uniformity gaps. The fixture is extremely user friendly and offers a multitude of control possibilities being DMX, RDM, Artnet, sACN and Wireless DMX.

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