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Prolights EclProfile CT+IP LED Ellipsoidal

Prolights EclProfile CT+IP LED Ellipsoidal Theater Lighting Fixtures
Prolights EclProfile CT+IP LED Ellipsoidal

Prolights EclProfile CT+IP, Waterproofed high quality six colours LED ellipsoidal, Tunable White and colour mixing.

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EclProfile CT+IP

The EclProfile CT+IP is a tunable white and full colour IP LED ellipsoidal designed for exterior applications such as touring, theme parks, cruise ships, and any outdoor events.
It uses the same 6-colour LED source than its indoor version, but with a 30% higher lumen output, as it's equipped with a bigger power-supply and heat sink. The IP body of the fixtures takes any of the standard lenses and accessories of the EclProfile range.
Its custom LED array and the powerful on-board colour control allows reaching bright and high-quality whites, up to 97 CRI, keeping a consistent colour output and ensuring a total control of the light.
The wide feature set includes special theatrical functions such as tungsten emulation on dimming and colours, LEE colour presets, virtual CTO and studio functions, such as green and magenta tuning on white presets.

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