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d&b audiotechnik 5D Amplifier

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d&b audiotechnik 5D Amplifier

d&b audiotechnik 5D Installation specific high-density four channel amplifier.

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The 5D is a Class D installation amplifier with flexible power distribution among its four output channels. It uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to incorporate loudspeaker-specific configurations for smaller loudspeakers from E-Series, xS-Series, xC- and T-Series, as well as equalization and delay functions. A linear setup is available allowing the amplifier to be used as a linear installation power amplifier.
The amplifier has a dynamic range of 111 dB (Dante input, unweighted) and is designed to drive a selected range of d&b loudspeakers while providing comprehensive management and protection capabilities.

Power share calculator

The 5D Power share calculator can be used to quickly and easily determine whether a simulated configuration operates within the limits of the 5D and within the limits of the loudspeakers. The maximum number of cabinets driven by each channel varies depending on their nominal impedance.
The user interface of the amplifier consists of LEDs for Power, Data and channel information about Signal, Gain reduction, Overload and Mute status.

DSP Processing

Powerful signal processing extends the level of functionality of the onboard features. These include a range of loudspeaker-specific filter functions, plus a user-definable 8-band EQ that facilitates system tuning. The delay capability covers a range of up to 300 ms. The DSP unit of the amplifier has a fixed latency of 1.1 ms.

Input Routing

The amplifier enables up to eight input channels and provides four analogue inputs on Euroblock connectors that also act as link outputs as well as four Dante channels. Each input channel can be routed to any of the output channels.
The amplifier utilizes a wide range switch mode power supply with active Power Factor Correction (PFC) to produce a clean current draw and ensure stable and efficient performance under adverse mains conditions.

GPI and General Fault

Four GPI pins are provided as additional digital control lines. An additional FAULT contact is provided allowing a general device error to be remotely indicated.
Remote control and full system integration are realized using the d&bArrayCalc Simulation software and R1 Remote control software. The 5D amplifier includes two Ethernet ports (1 Gbits/100 Mbits) on RJ 45 connectors with Dante audio streaming and OCA/AES70 protocol.


Maximum Output Power
4 Ohms4 x 600 W
8 Ohms4 x 600 W
Signal Input and Output Connectors
Analog Inputs3-pin Phoenix Euroblock male (A1 - A4)
Analog Link3-pin Phoenix Euroblock male (A1 - A4)
Speaker Output Connectors
LinearA/B/C/D - 2 x 4-pin Phoenix Euroblock female
Network Connectors
ETHERNET2 x RJ 45, 1 Gbits/100 Mbits integrated 2-port switch
Frequency Range
Frequency Range35 Hz – 20 kHz

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