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d&b audiotechnik XSL-GSUB

d&b audiotechnik XSL-GSUB Small to medium format 18"/12" cardioid subwoofer.

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The XSL-GSUB is cardioid subwoofer for the XSL System. It can be used to supplement XSL8 and XSL12 loudspeakers, either flown (XSL-SUB) or ground stacked (XSL-GSUB).
The XSL-GSUB is an actively driven, 2-way bass-reflex design housing two long excursion neodymium drivers; an 18” driver faces to the front of the cabinet, and a 12” driver radiates to the rear.
The front and rear facing drivers operate in independent bass-reflex chambers and are driven from separate amplifier channels. Two XSL-GSUBs can be linked to a pair of D80 / D40 amplifier channels.
The subwoofer’s cardioid dispersion pattern reduces unwanted energy behind the system, resulting in less excitation of the reverberant field to deliver highly accurate low frequency reproduction.
The frequency response extends from 37 Hz to 110 Hz (35 Hz to 85 Hz in INFRA mode). Two XSL-GSUBs can be linked to a pair of D80 / D40 amplifier channels.
The XSL-GSUB cabinet has no rigging components as it is intended for ground stacked purposes only. Two runners extend from the front to the rear to protect the bottom panel. Two correspondingly shaped recesses are incorporated into the top panel which accept the runners and prevent cabinet movement when multiple subwoofers are stacked.
The cabinets are constructed from marine plywood and have an impact and weather protected PCP (Polyurea Cabinet Protection) finish. The front and rear of the cabinet is protected by a rigid metal grille backed by an acoustically transparent and water repellent fabric.

Speaker Diameter
LF Nominal Diameter18"/12"
Nominal Impedance
Loudspeaker Nominal ImpedanceFront LF: 8 Ohms - Rear: 16 Ohms
Power Capacity
Loudspeaker Power Capacity (RMS/peak 10 ms)Front: 700/1500 W - Rear: 400/800 W
Frequency Range
Frequency Range37 Hz - 110 Hz
Dispersion AngleCardioid
SPL Max137 dB

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